Antivirus Performance Comparison

When selecting an antivirus program it is crucial to understand how much of your computer’s resources this program will use. The most effective programs have only a minimal impact on system performance while providing superior protection against malware and viruses.

Most antivirus software vendors publish extensive test programs in PDF format. The reports provide at-a-glance assessments of protection, performance and usability for each suite, and precise graphs and charts showing the results of particular testing elements. Important figures to watch out for include the percentage of real-world and reference set malware exposures that are blocked, neutralised or compromised by the program, as well as the percentage of false positive detections by benign software.

Avast Free Antivirus had the most impressive scores for Windows virus detection in tests conducted by AV-Comparatives in June 2023. It also had the highest rate of success in removing Mac malware. It also scored highly in the categories of passive, full-scan and quick-scan.

When compared to paid programs, Bitdefender Total Security had the least post-installation background systems impact and was followed by Kaspersky Total Security and ESET Security Cloud Free. It was the slowest for both full-scans as well a quick-scan. Its light background impact may be due to the fact that it doesn’t run by default on Windows 10 and 11, like the majority of its competitors do.

Intego was the one with the lowest impact on systems for background scans and full scans however, it managed to find every bit of malware. It’s not often that a company only focuses on Macs which makes it a valuable addition to any security arsenal.

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